Many of the bees in Panama are Africanized. Thanks to the brilliance of a Brazilian science project and Panama being a narrow country and gateway to North America, these traveling mobs show up, build a temporary nest on their queen out in the open, and when they are done they peel away in just a few seconds and move on. We watched the entire process at the cabin last year, and it’s pretty amazing. Scary, but you just have to watch. I was building on the chicken coop yesterday and my neighbor, Tito showed up and pointed just behind me about 5 feet and said “Africanos”. They were not there yesterday, but I need to be more aware of my surroundings. Fascinating, but nasty.    

 This is all the closer I was willing to get, after I worked next to them a half an hour. 


Panama Ciruela

Two trees at the front of the property have been a vey tasty and interesting treat for us.  

  Green Ciruela taste like green apple, and red, softer Ciruela taste like a mild peach. They are found wild in the mountains and jungle, but are also a yard favorite. I ate these on my mountain hike two days ago. Great trail snack.  


One of the things I love about Panama, is you can find fresh, delicious food in abundance every where you go. And all year long there is something ripe. I love this place!

Fiesta Agua Buena

The son of our neighbor is an acordionista that plays around Panama, and in Panama you need not have much of a reason to party.  

 Here I am with Pacifico Dominguez, and I try my hand at the acordion. I can play almost anything, and it was fun to test it out for a bit.  

 Asa loved it too.  

 They seemed surprised I could keep up on the drums. Part of my old life in the band.   

 And this little show was at the entrance to the party. Good old fashioned Panama. I love this place!  Ojer, the guy seated is playing my tambor. 

Pay Attention to Panama

So much going on in the world it amazes me how much world attention is always on this little country. There are so many things going right, and people are generally happy and content. Even here on WordPress, the interest of regular Panama is widespread. Thank you all for taking a look now and then. I love to share what I’ve found.  

 And I really like the WordPress feature that shows where you all are. Pretty neat.  

All over the world, and thank you my friends. And don’t forget, Panama still loves visitors, and we do too!  I love this place!  


Playa Venao, Panama sunset


Bridge Monkeys

On the drive from Agua Buena to Las Tablas there is always a good chance to see monkeys along the way 

And what a delight to see baby howlers up close. Today there were 10 total howlers on the bridge. Careful though, they’re not too road smart.  

This guy always does great dead pan comedy. And below we saw more on Via Tonosi earlier in the trip. We live near three troops that we hear and see practically every day.  

 Just hanging out, and showing off a little. I love this place!

Iguanas y iguanas

A friend started this with some small iguana pics, thinking they were Panama bigs. But here in the Azuero they are really fat.  

 And a continous food source to the locals. These beasts are huge, beatiful, and tasty. 


Quick Trip to the City

Family travel day getting 2 off to the airport. Five hour drive each way and  one night at the Country Inn Amador. This is a great spot right on the canal With walking and sight-seeing. Here is a night of the city from another spot by AJ light & amp.  Beautiful 

 El Niño, lots of wind and weird weather this year, and very dry, dry season.