Panama Hats

When people think of panama they generally picture the canal and the city. While those things are impressive, the interior of panama is just as fascinating and rich with tradition. Imagine the U.S. 50 or 75 years ago, and that is the charm and friendliness of the interior.

The handmade panama hat is a national treasure, and it just so happens my neighbor Julianna makes a beautiful hat. She made my first big sombrero for the summer and is currently making a second, more stylish hat for me.  The patience and the detail and dexterity required to make these is remarkable.  First she measures my head with a leather strap. Next she will weave long strips and then sew the strips together as she keeps the form of the hat intact on a round block of wood. All in all it it a time consuming task of about 1 month of precision handiwork.


I will show you all the new one when it is done. I went to another “junta de arroz” yesterday and will post pictures and news on that in a couple days.

Saludos from 7.35 Degrees North


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