My neighbors have been magically turning sacks of corn into Bollos and Changa. Changa is my new favorite Panama meal. Some of the local Changa is still baked over wood fire and smoke. ¡Que Rico! Panama is full of great cooks and food. Never thought I could gain weight here but I’m doing it.  Grind your corn and mix to the image


Right consistency, then cook it on banana leaves in a skillet until done as you see. Very healthy and delicious. I love this place!

Saludos from 7.35 Degrees North


2 thoughts on “Changa

  1. Grind fresh corn and make a mush out of it with salt to taste and. The corn is ground with an old fashioned corn grinder. Place a banana leaf on the skillet, cover the leaf with about 1\4 inch of corn mash and cover with another leaf. Flip the banana leaves back and forth a few times til the corn starts to brown slightly and wallah! Changa. And as far as the bugs go, they are worse in yakima.


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