Tropical Rains and Iguanas

As I sit here today hearing the rain pound on the roof I can’t help but feel a little pleased with my situation. It has been a pretty mild rainy season, and, as I like to say, we have had a nice summer this winter. The rains did show up this morning and the runoff around the house gives the feeling of a boat moving though the jungle. Moving water. Beautiful! The power flickered off for a short time and now I am looking outside at the wonderful tropical rain. Hard, driving rain with lightning and thunder claps in the distance. Ninin and Suny brought over a new pet iguana this morning, and that brings a little variety to our life in the jungle. They are interesting creatures. They scramble for their lives ferociously until you catch them, then they are completely docile and tame. This is our 2nd iguana and we will enjoy him a while then set him free. Every day here is a little different and we never know who is going to show up, or with what they might bring to our door. But today, only 2 visitors as the rains never let up and I napped. A lot!


Saludos from 7.35 Degrees North


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