Panama Weather

When I came to panama I was told there is a dry season and a rainy season. Summer and winter. The temperature doesn’t change much, but in the winter it rains enough to grow rice in the mountains, and in the summer it did not rain a drop for 6 months. Quite different from what I thought. It was so dry in the summer the grass turned brown and the ground cracked. The trees though, are remarkably sturdy and adapted to the climate. 5 months into the dry season mangos came on ripe and juicy. Really remarkable. Imagine an orchard in the states with no water all summer. Not too pretty. We now are just a few weeks from summer and waiting and guessing which day will be the last day of rain.


Here is one of our favorite water holes. It will be a happy spot all summer. Gracias dios.

Well today is the 13 of Deciembre and as of yesterday the real rains have showed up just in time for the rainy season to be ending. It is officially too late to have an early summer.

Saludos from 7.35 Degrees North


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