Hand Made in Panama

In a world of mass produced it is refreshing to see artisans taking their time to make beautiful things one at a time.


This photo by Santino Sirtoli shows a hand carved guitar, and below a hand made and painted chair. My traditional drum is being carved out by hand and finished with a leather top from a neighborhood cow. My tambor is a work of art made in a full day by my friend Ojer.


From shoes to musical instruments, sombreros and furniture, you can still get beautifully crafted pieces here in panama at very reasonable prices. A chair like this one runs about $30. Not bad at all.


A pair of cutarras like these run about $10 for leather and labor. Hand crafted and custom fit to your foot. Really nice. 


All these items, the clothing and the drum, and sombrero are all hand made, and all artisan quality. I love this place!  



6 thoughts on “Hand Made in Panama

  1. Around 35 years ago I apprenticed with a potter for several years. I understand the joy of creating things that can bring beauty into ones Life while still having a practical use.

    There is no substitute for hand crafted. When the things you need in your Life are hand made by people who care, then your Life is enriched by sharing in the Life of the artisans who made them.

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