Panama Summer (Dry Season)

   A month now into summer here in Panama and  the rivers are settling down, the water is warming and the beaches are clearer. The soil at the homestead is starting to crack, the air is noticeably dryer,  and until the middle of May, there is no rain in the forecast. This past winter I planted 22 platano and banana trees, and while the other flowers and young trees need water the first few years, the platanos are so hardy for this type of weather they need no maintenance.
   Other mature trees are incredibly hardy. Mangos endure the 6 month summer only to produce huge quantities of wet, beautiful fruit. Imagine an orchard in the states getting no water at all during the summer, and then bearing fruit at the end of the drought. That is what happens here with several varieties.  Trees are well adapted and very hardy to the climate. Panama has been full of surprises for me, and each day something different  finds its way into our story. What a nice and interesting change at this stage of life for me.


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