What Day Is It?


From gourds to lobster and from monkeys to cliff diving, or beautiful beaches and birdwatching, I can safely say that Panama has something different to offer every day. I have been so busy with family visitors and the neighborhood I have forgotten what day it is. Again. That is pretty cool in itself. Many of my neighbors don’t know what day it is either. Escaping the rat race has been a blessing to my family and my health, and while appointments that seem important can be put off by visitors or random occurrences, the people remain happy. Did I mention the people are happy? I too, have found my happy spot and can’t grasp my old life any more. And I thank God for his experience every day.


I think this about sums up my attempt to change my life. I love this place!


8 thoughts on “What Day Is It?

  1. You are indeed very fortunate. Experience the abundance of Life you now find surrounding you. If you are fortunate enough to be well on in years, you may transition to your next “reality” before “civilisation” wipes it all away.

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      • I think, perhaps, Life is neither good nor bad. It simply is. The way one lives, on the other hand, could certainly categorised that way. For now it seems you are living well. It is certainly my wish that you will continue to do so.

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      • It is an excellent life for me and my family. I have wifi in the jungle. How cool is that. It took a lot of effort and shear will to break away from all I knew, to find what I really wanted. Good luck to you sir, and I am following your posts now. Thanks for the insight. Jim

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  2. Thank you Jim, for following. Don’t let my misanthropic viewpoint cast any dark shadows on your heart.

    I sometimes still think about the possibility of leaving this insane country. Unfortunately my better half won’t hear of it so I guess I’ll be wed to the good old usa til death do us part.


    • I too was caught in the dreariness of watching the collapse. If God himself stood up and spoke the truth, 2/3 don’t friggin care. So caught up in the American nightmare they can’t see out, and so sure they are right they won’t listen to reason. I live a simple life now. It is rural America 75 years ago. Beautiful people with civility and work ethic. I am living a level of freedom now only dreamt about in the states. And your blog is a reminder to me why I wanted out of the race I never wanted to enter, but somehow found myself running. And well written sir. Keep in touch. Life can be good if you let it.

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