Agua Buena, Panama…Where?

Five hours from Ciudad Panama in the province of Los Santos is the village of Agua Buena. This is the “Tonosi” Agua Buena, for because they are small there are two. The other Agua Buena “Los Santos” is near Chitre. We, however, are THE Agua Buena. To confirm that just ask anyone from here.  Within an hour of 5 beautiful world class beaches, we are centrally located for fun!  Look at the charts below to get your bearings, but even then it is a large area and hard to grasp the amount of privacy and beauty. 

To top it all off we are the greatest holdout of traditional Panama where you can see handmade, homemade, or go to a junta or matanza or iguana hunting, then go surfing or fishing with loads of really great traditional music and the friendliest people you will ever encounter. Terrific food and always something new. This is the best part of Panama for sure. I love this place!


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