Panama Superstitions

I live in a highly “Old way of thinking superstitious region of Panama”. Some of these are too good to pass up. Did you know if you have tightness in your back, you need to have the left foot of a twin to press a pattern on the affected 

area and the pain will go away. Also, cat toenail powder cures asthma, and if you get rained on in this 90 degree weather you will get sick. And if you shower while you are still hot and sweaty you will get sick also. I see men carrying umbrellas to stay dry to prevent the illness they may get from warm rain on a warm day. It is however, ok for the water truck to spray your hot, sweaty body down during carnival. And the final for today. If you put your face too close to the freezer when you open it it can twist your face and give you stroke-like symptoms. I love this place!


5 thoughts on “Panama Superstitions

  1. I lived in Chile for a year and a half, so always interested in expats (am I correct in assuming?) and their experiences. Panama is dry? I would have thought it more tropical. The only experience I’ve had there, unfortunately, has been the airport on the way to Santiago (and it was VERY got going through the tunnel thing from the plane to the airport itself). I love this post!!! In Chile, you have to wear yellow underwear for good luck on New Years Eve (or was it the day itself? Can’t remember.)


  2. I think there is something rather magical about these type of places and their traditions and it’s great you can appreciate them and the people who believe in them. This is what makes life interesting. I have read a lot of your blogs and they really reflect the local area. Lucky, lucky you


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