Junta Panama Rancho

Popular throughout Panama is the “Rancho”. Made of durable wood and a thatch roof made of penca leaves from Palm trees, the Rancho is a shady favorite and a typical gathering place of many rural Panamanians. Here is the basics of making the Rancho at today’s junta. 

Cut and peel and notch all your poles. 

Tack everything together to keep it in place before tying all the unions with rope. 

Get it all ready to put on the roof. This is the most painstaking and important part. All the penca leaves are woven and tied to be waterproof.   Here below is a look at the inside roof finished. 10 people worked 4 hours up top. 


And here is the new rancho. As it weathers it will lay flatter and darken.  Inside the structure its 10-15 degrees cooler and perfect for dining and hammocking. Aaah Panama. I love this place!


All of the Rancho is lashed together and is surprisingly wind and weather resistant. Pretty cool!


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