Panama Food Part 2

Always something ripe around here. I planted papaya last June and here are my first fruits. Yay!  I have three of these doing well. Can’t wait til next year. 


Below here is Lemon Grass fresh in the yard. Fresh lemon grass is super fragrant and oh so delicious. Makes the best tea ever!


5 or 6 blades of this boiled with cinnamon and some fresh cane honey. ¡Que Rico!  Chicken is a huge staple in Panama. My house was built and mixed by hand. I figured it was rice and chicken power that did it.  And the occasional 


Iguana as seen here with Ojer. I love this place!


7 thoughts on “Panama Food Part 2

    • Iguana is a big deal for the locals, but not for me. The kids have tried it and it was good. This is definitely a wildlife country with Gato solo, armadillo, puma, ocelot, anteaters and much more. Over 950 species of birds. We see a lot of birds we have never seen before, and exotics like tucans, parakeets, Hawks and parrots. Mucho Pajaros en Panama. Really cool.


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