Best Panama Monkeys

Howler Monkeys are very difficult to photograph. Always dark faces and a camera pointed up at the sky. I am pretty proud of these two shots from 4-5 feet away. You have to get close and at the monkeys level for good pics.  Especially with just an iPhone. 


I really love catching the facial expressions up close. Of all the attempts at fotos de monos, these two are my favorite.  


This is more typical of the shots I can get. Pretty cool seeing monkeys all the time. I love this place!  


2 thoughts on “Best Panama Monkeys

    • We are in a great monkey area. And they love all fresh fruit. They can’t resist to come close if you have bananas. Funny. Also, when I came here I sold everything and moved. Came with a suitcase and started over. My nephew gave me a guitar for a present. I am back in heaven dude. Goes awesome with my panama tambor.


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