Panama Mango Season

Arbol de Panamà (Panama Tree) pictured below is the national tree of Panama, but the mango probably should be.   

At least in this part of Panama. The Mango is hardy and grows very large and holds an enormous amount of weight in fruit. The fruit comes on at the end of the dry season and is quite remarkable.  There are several varieties and they all make great shade trees. Delicious mangos fresh from the tree is a way of life here, and a great healthy food. Zoom in on this mango to really see the amount of fruit. Not sure if the  cows under the tree are waiting for mangos to fall, or just enjoying the shade. Or both. 

I love this place!


One thought on “Panama Mango Season

  1. i just can’t fathom walking of to a mango tree and picking one off. We lived in Florida for a long time and that’s how we did papaya and oranges they were in every backyard.


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