Simple Life

 Throughout Panama simple ingenuity and harmonious living is just a way of life. These men really don’t think too much about it. Here Felix is using his homemade cart to move some milk and haul a little food for his cows.  

I know my neighbors here think a little more money could solve some of their issues, and they are probably right. But they have no idea of the stresses of modern living, the workload of the average Americans to do what they do, and frankly Panamanians of the interior live a beautiful life. Most grow and raise all their own food, and primarily live economically on a small piece of ground. Simple, beautiful people. I love this place!


2 thoughts on “Simple Life

  1. Do you have any idea how many hours a week people work? Just curious. Also, what town are you close to? I am asking just to find out about your climate and soil.


    • Also I have a prior post Agua Buena panama? Where? That might help you. People in my area work very hard but a lot less. People will take the day off, no phone call or nothing, just because a visitor stopped by. Refreshing


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