Life in Panamá 

I had a lot of expectations when I moved here. Change of pace, beautiful scenery, friendly people, and lower cost of living. I have not been at all disappointed and had some great surprises on the way. For starters, prime beef is $2 a pound. Same as chicken breast. Tonight’s peppered beef tenderloin sandwiches for $ 2 a pound!  Cmon!  I love it. Another surprise was that everyone cooks with propane, and a 25lb bottle last about a month and cost $5. And Chris does a lot of cooking!  Cheap living and fresh food in abundance all around. Some parts of life here are harder, but it is pretty easy to get by on very little. Not to mention we have no property tax and medical is about 10% of what it costs in the states. No lawyers and insurance companies between you and your doc. Pretty cool. I love this place. 


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