Panamá Backroads

Driving from Agua Buena to anywhere else is a bit of an ordeal. Getting from here to “there” is an adventure of potholes, cattle, carts, alligators, horses, and who knows what else might get in the mix. It is a bad habit when going to town to get in the truck and just keep going, but I have been noticing more and more side roads lately and places I’d like to explore.  


I remember hearing years ago that one thing about the modern freeway, is you can drive coast to coast and not see a thing. Getting off the main road and seeing where the real people live, and getting to know your area is a great adventure too. What’s around that next corner, or over the next rise? 

At the end of this backroad is a waterfall and diving pools.   Beautiful spot and people drive right by. I want to be in less of a hurry, and when I go I am going to see more of beautiful Panamà. I love this place! 



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