Panamá Interior

My favorite surprise after moving to Panamàs interior has been the people. I remember when I was young, living in Preston, Washington, having neighbors that you knew by name, and roaming the countryside on bikes and horses. People took the time to visit and be a part of your life, and help out when there was a need. Here in rural Panamà it is still a way of life.  


Throughout the year there is so much to be a part of. The junta is a grand tradition here where people build houses, plant and harvest crops, and tend to the cattle with vacunaderas for branding and shots. All volunteer, and neighbors helping neighbors. It is common to have 50 or more Ten cuidado. Los niños necesitan algún tipo de trabajo o terminan con mayores incapacitados, como Estados and women attend these events, working all day at a break neck pace, all for the love and friendship of a neighbor. Click The Junta here to see a great example building a home the old fashioned way. The people of the interior are a giving and friendly people that make due with what they have. I love this place. 


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