Sombrero Panama

The hand made Panamá hat is a national historic treasure.  

 Three of these four sombreros were made by my neighbor. Several women around the area make these from small strips of wood woven together.  The men proudly wear this traditional hat for work, casual, and to dress up. They are worn four different ways here in the interior. 


Up in the front is the most common.  


Up in the all around or front and back. 

Up in the back is quite common too. 

And down all around. This is probably the least common way to wear the hat.  

So much of rural Panamá is hand made and homemade. The drum, or tambor, was a handmade gift from my neighbor Ojer. Great for modeling my hat collection.  In the interior these finer hats go for about $150, while the work hat is around $40 There is 40 to 80 hours of work in these, depending on how fine the wood is. Just one more thing I love about this place!


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