Simple Living

Life here in the jungle invites a different way of living compared to what my life had become in the states. Things are just simpler. Less stress, less deadlines, and more opportunity to live a more tranquil existence with a little more harmony. We do without some things, like hot water, clothes dryers,, fast food, and have cut back our garbage production considerably.  I do have a great view from the laundry room. 


Also, we have adapted more to our environment. We have no A/C or hot water, and the service to the house is only 60 amps. We run some fans here and there, but we have acclimated. And with that we live pretty cheap. It is refreshing and synchronous living and it feels good.  


We also planted 50 fruit trees of mango, papaya, guava, bananas, platanos and many more. There is food all around, and soon I will be able to share more with my neighbors as they have shared with me. The photo above is papaya. This below is part of my banana and platano orchard after 1 year.  


I just got my first rack of platanos this week. We are adding to it little by little, and in a few years should be close to sustaining ourselves.  The people here are not food driven or wasteful. They eat to live, while we live to eat. We’re are working on that change as a family here. Healthy, fit people all around. I love this place!


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