Healthy Panama 

Panama Again Leads the World in Well-Being. 

For the second consecutive year, Panama leads the world in well-being, with 53% of residents considered thriving in three or more elements. Costa Rica and Puerto Rico round out the top three as the only other countries or areas with at least 45% or more of their populations thriving. Afghans, in turn, had the lowest well-being globally, with 0% of residents considered thriving.
This comes as no surprise to me as so many around me are happy and content with life. The research this year comes from Gallup in a post called “Americas Lead Highs, Sub-Saharan Africa Lows in Well-Being”. Try to copy and paste that into google as the link won’t paste here. 

Panama is a wonderful place with a level of freedom only dreamt about in the states these days.  

Did I mention the 1000 miles of beaches and privacy unrivaled anywhere?  Mountains and abundant outdoor living with beaches and fresh fruit and friendly people. What more can be said. I love this place! 







Sábado nos vamos pescar sin licencia con pescar por cangrejo. Me encanta Panamá. No game wardens or hassels. Want to go fishing? Go fishing! 


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