Panama Bosque 

Jungle trail Agua Buena Panama  
Much of Panama is open country now with patches of jungle and forested river basins. With cattle grazing the mountainsides and valleys, Panama, although beatiful is a different picture than it was 50 years ago. From our house to Tonosi is about 15 miles of the description above, but when my mother in law was a girl here, she said they could go from Agua Buena to Tonosi and not see the sky through the jungle canopy. Where as we see monkeys every day, she never saw monkeys because of the thick forest. She heard them, but never saw them. Now they are confined to much smaller sections of jungle and a lot easier to find.  


It was a much tougher place back in the day. When the Panama Canal railway was being built about 70,000 people died from tropical diseases that we see very little of now. Today there are few bug problems as the open spaces are much more hospitable and dry out faster after the rains.  You can see from my backyard it is a ways to the forest. 


And this view of the front you can see were right up against it. We have a troop of howler monkeys living about 100 yards out this way along the river. The original dense jungle is a different story. Things grow fast, and in the old days it was easy for surveyors and explorers to lose their way. 

You can see a little of what your in for when you go to the untamed portions.  


This above is about a square mile of uncleared jungle. Hard to tell from here exactly what your into, but it is no wonder everyone in Panama carries a machete. You really couldn’t get through this without one. Remember, most of this is edible, but remember this: the jungle bites back!  I love this place.   


10 feet in is a different world indeed!


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    • Our 4 bedroom house with 2 acres with water, power, septic was 85k. Water is $3 month and labor is $17/day when you want help. We pay our help $25 and have 1 laboror about a day per week. Less in the dry season. Trees in the nursery run a dollar, good beef, chicken and pork are $2 pound. It is much cheaper and the climate is friendly for growing things. There is ripe fruit everywhere year round. We also have no property tax. The only permit was electrical at $400. Although Off grid there is no permit for homes. We chose to have 60 amps to the house so we had to pay a little. In Washington my permit was 10k and on and on. The permit and tax was more than the materials for a whole house here.


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