Living Healthy

My first couple of visits to Panama I was allured by its beauty, diversity, and freedom. What’s not to like, right?  But only after we made the move did I realize how easy it is to live a healthy lifestyle.   

Outdoor living. When we arrived we stayed in a neighboring town for a few weeks, then we moved to an off grid cabin in the jungle for the next 6 months while we built the house. All along, and for the first time in my life I had never closed a window. Literally fresh air 24/7. It even sounds healthy, and I still like the whole idea of acclimating to the environment you’re dealt. Our windows are still open, and every day And night is fresh tropical breezes.   


Outdoor Activity. Everything here in Agua Buena is naturally geared to healthy living, fresh air, and abundant outdoor recreation and fresh local food.  Most people walk, ride a bike or horse to where they are going, and they are fit. Fit like a trained athlete fit. I am impressed.  Pollution and traffic and noise are far from the rural panama experience. “Tranquilo” is commonly heard here. And it it true. The life I used to live is is a reminder of how easy it is in the US. And how easily we are lured into into bad eating habits and sedentary life.  This pic below is an example of how much fast food is a part of american living. Really troubling. 

 The Food. I came up with  simple phrase to describe what I take away from this experience. “Abundant Living,” is about as good as I can do. There is fresh fruit year round, organic food and naturally raised beef and chicken, world class fisheries right outside, and fast food is about 90 miles away. This is an example of a local fast food called Cereza, or cherry. they are ripe right now along with a dozen other things. 


 Makes it easier for me for sure, to eliminate the choice of fast food, since it had become such a big part of life on the streets as a medic. It’s no secret I love this place, and each day I find another reason to celebrate this experience. Today I thank god for health and opportunity. My children get to see a different way of life they they will remember wherever they go in life. 



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