Planting Corn

You ever do something your whole life just because you learned that way, and never questioning why, you just keep doing it the hard way?

Planting corn in Panama today with Zuny and Ninin, no plow, no tiller, just cut the yard short and put in the seeds using this flatbar. They have been doing it like this  probably for centuries, and they grow wornderful corn. I am trying to learn to garden and preserve the soil. I have seen now some of the simplest and best practices using the least invasive technique. They plant rice this way too. Most of my neighbors grow their food this way, and have done a great job many years supporting their families. Here Asa plants some seeds too.  

Right before germination we will clean cut the grass and then weedeat or mow between the rows when the corn in visible. Most here do all that with a machete, but I’m not that old school. Well I’ll keep you posted how the crop turns out. 


2 thoughts on “Planting Corn

    • Here it is called a coa, (and the post hole digger is a para coa). Most are home made but I bought this one. I’ll add an up close pic to the post so you can see how it’s made. Most I’ve seen are made with flat bar and a lightweight wood handle carved by hand.


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