Planting Yucca 

Yucca grows like a bush, but underground is where all the good stuff is. Similar to potatoes, the roots grow in varied sizes and are delicious and healthy. For planting just cut off an existing plant about 6-8 inches of stalk. Angle into the ground with the buds up.  Below Asa shows a start. 

Here neighbor Zuny is cutting lengths with the machete.  

Small hole in the ground and a few months later a great supply of yucca for 30 or so years. We planted 40 starts which will feed a family of 5 like mine year round. A lot of food for free and very little work.  

This will grow to a bush and here below is the harvested yucca. I love this place!   

I put in yellow, white, and ñame yucca. The three best varieties here. ¡Que Rico! There is a lot of easy gardening here. I love this place!  


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