Panamanian Farmers Almanac

I supposed when you have lived off the land for 65 years and grow all your own food, you just have a real connection with the soil and how and when to do things. I am so impressed with the level of knowledge and expertise the local farmers have.  This is one of our local almanacs, Yijo Dominguez. 

This guy and many like him can tell you everything about every tree, shrub, root, grass, and so forth, and when to plant  and how to care for it. Here is another guy Marcelino who has great knowledge about growing things here.  

I rely on these two and many others to help me get accustomed to the nuances of growing here. These two are flat out genius with farming. All by hand and all their lives. They really are wonderful people too. I have terrific neighbors, and with 4 growing seasons I see a lot of these guys.  

Panamá is a beautiful place. Here is a commercial rice farmer just down the road from us. I love this place!


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