Panamás  Power

I am convinced panama is powered by rice and chicken. My house was built with no motorized tools but a drill.  

Dinner tonight at the neighbors…Rice and Chicken (arroz con pollo). It is that way most of the time. Sometimes pork, but always rice.  I am sure there are more chickens in Panama than there are people. And the men are durable. Impressively so. Day after day, they would come to the property and dig, and mix concrete, and day after day I was so impressed by their stamina and ability.   

And the finished product was a pleaser. Seems everyone here knows how to build a house.  I have never seen so many work so hard and it is just a way of life. Chicken and rice!  Amazing! 
And the cooks here can really bring it!  I love this place! 


2 thoughts on “Panamás  Power

    • The colonial roof was popular here with 4 high pitch sections. I went with the poor man roof. Also, to ventilate without A/C, the entire roof is open around the edge of the walls on most houses. The mrs. Doesn’t like bats so ours is sealed and we put extra big windows everywhere. It is cool enough. I love it. There is usually a fresh breeze from the mountains or the ocean. Life is good.


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