Panama Grasshopper

As big as some of the birds I’ve seen, these friendly creatures are about 4 inches long.  

They are not too skittish and we held this one for about 10 minutes before it flew off.  

Here he is up against the parakeets. When he flew away he had brilliant red under the wings.  

A very nice surprise and a fun visit from a beautiful creature. I love this place. Always something new and unexpected. 


19 thoughts on “Panama Grasshopper

    • The women are amazing and self sufficient and amazing. I swear everyone can cook like you won’t believe, and they are creative and crafty. They have been camping there whole lives and live a beautiful harmonious existence. Hand made sombreros, drums, guitars and clothing. Grow all their own food. I love it.


  1. I would die if this grasshopper was anywhere near me! I love that kids are just not bothered by these things but bugs seriously creep me out! Panama is such a beautiful place. Probably one of my favourite places actually but the bugs are just so scary! haha
    Why did you decide to move to Panama?


    • You think the insects are intimidating wait til you trip over an 11 foot Python in your house at night. Haha. Just kidding. It is not like it was in the old days. And there are beach front high rises and modern living too. We wanted the kids to grow up in the jungle, and for 20% of the cost in the states, why not?


      • Haha well it sounds like an exciting adventure to say the least. We may end up back in Panama in the not-so-distant future but it will take some adjusting for me. And a lot of bug spray


      • We lived in central Washington state the are less bugs here for sure. As long as your relatively careful it’s not an issue at all. Besides the killer bees and the voodoo wasps and the flying snakes there is nothing to worry about. (Kidding)

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      • What a grasshopper! So you lived in central WA? Near the Cascades? That’s pretty close to US heaven. But Panama seems way better. I FINALLY figured out how to get email notification for your blog, so I will be back.

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      • Good to hear from you. Yes near the cascades. I lived on the west and east sides over the years. So when are you moving to panama? I’ve got just the spot for a great homestead. My new favorite food here is yuca. Put a branch in the ground and have year round perpetual food forever. Talk about a safety net! How’s your situation panning out. It was tough to read your last post. So sorry.

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      • We have another couple coming to look this weekend. Fingers crossed. Thanks for caring! … How much would that ideal spot cost in Panama? How many acres would we need?


      • Since you can grow so many things year round you don’t need a huge piece unless you wanted it. My cousin has a 200 hectare natural paradise for about 1 million. Beautiful place! Closer to us there are a few really nice pieces for about $5 per meter/sq. that’s about 50k for 2.4 acres. I know you can get it for less though. $2-$3 per meter probably. Most are large chunks though with lots of square meters. 10,000 meters in a hectare = 2.4 acres. Love to have you as neighbors. Construction costs are very low here too. We have 2500 sq/ft and built it for $55k.

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