Panama Land

  If you’re ever in the mood for a grand adventure, moving to the Panama interior might just be the shizzle. How about this Cambutal, Panama natural paradise. Two rivers, beautiful black sand beaches, abundant wildlife including puma, coati, deer, monkeys, and more birds than you could ever name in your life. 440 acres and just beautiful! Fertile ground and off the grid homesteading for the adventure of a lifetime.  

Beautiful mountains, four growing seasons, and wonderful fertile ground. I also know of some smaller pieces great for the lifestyle If you get the notion. Low taxes, strong economy, and for the second year in a row Panama was rated highest for well being of the people.  

People here are happy. I love this place!


18 thoughts on “Panama Land

  1. I hope to visit one day. I moved to Jamaica four years ago, if only we had thought of Panama such a beautiful place. Alas, I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth and thank God for our many blessings. Living here in Jamaica after all is one of them.

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    • Jamaica is a wonderful adventure too I would guess. We had family here already so that made it a little easier to decide, but I fell in love with it the first day u was here. So much more real than the U.S. People are more important than possessions. I like that.

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      • It was an easy decision, just a challenge to pull it off. When you dump all the excess of the states you can live here quite nicely. ER is a dollar, hospital admission $20. No property tax or fishing license or even building permit. I dropped about $4500 a month in insurance, fees, taxes, and overpriced everything when we left. And Asa is the coolest jungle girl and is loving life.


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