Panama Is A Verb

My first time in rural Panama, Not prepared for what I saw. Knowing so little about the place, I came with open eyes and grace. It struck me first the scenery, The oceans and the skies, Lush and green from coast to coast, And mountains way up high. And life is lived so simply.   

 Happier people there are none, They give and have no greed, quietly  living off the land, For many a century, They share with all the things they have, plant crops and harvest too, Build homes of mud and cinder block, Is the way that they love you.

With what I brought to Panama, I never could repay The countless acts of kind and deed, I’ve received along the way,  My home, now full of welcome too, no sign do not disturb, Now what do I know of Panama? Panama is a verb. 

 Beautiful good people living the life. Thank you for making my life better though kindness Mis Hermanos


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