Our Other Reason For Panama

  This has been a hard secret to keep! For the past year we have been working to put together the Panama Medical and Dental Mission here in Agua Buena. We have whittled away at our checklist, have governmental approval and a hospital partnership in place, and this past week a local land owner donated ten acres for us to build the complex. 1 medical and dental clinic, restaurant, 2 hilltop casitas with a pool for our guests, and with it came an existing 2 bedroom house that will be remodeled for caretakers quarters and facility storage and maintenance.  

Highway frontage and all the way to the top of the hill. Just beautiful!   

The facility will provide care to the underserved  and impoverished residents of the Azuero coastline. Doctors and nurses from out of the area, and in cooperation with the Los Santos health district it will be a training facility and also provide support jobs to the local residents. Things are picking up steam now, and more updates along the way about life in Panama and the farm workers free clinic. I love this place!


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