Panama Exit

Had to leave my happy Panama for a short while on an errand for the village. Developing a website and fundraisers for the new Panama Medical and Dental Mission “Clinica Campesina” or Farmworkers Clinic. It was pure emotion in Agua Buena as I left. I was touched by them all. We are opening a new free medical and dental clinic. All the prelims are approved and in place, beautiful land was donated for the facilities, and I am working my tail off. Launch date for the fundraiser less than 2 weeks away. Website is almost up and running. Please donate to this beautiful project for the impoverished people of Panama. And share. Share, share, share on all your different medias. Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, everywhere!  This is a very worthwhile project, and really a lifetime opportunity to participate in a marvelous charity from the ground up. should be ready in a day or two. I’ll post again when it is up. Thank you to all. Jim  
Making the rounds. 


2 thoughts on “Panama Exit

  1. Jim, this is really exciting, I am sure you are very busy in a good way. Good luck and God Speed. Jeff P.S. Are you driving to Washington state from Panama? 🙂

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