Monkeys Roosters and Cows (oh my) 

Panama Medical and Dental Mission

Morning wake up in Agua Buena is always a hoot. Or whatever, but it’s always entertaining.

The howler monkeys go first. About 5:30 the whole surrounding area comes alive with echoes from one group, or troop to the other. If you’ve never heard a howler monkey, it’s worth the trip. Loud and awesome! The monkeys wake up the roosters. Then they take a shot at it.

Then cows moo and everyone is up.

I don’t know if they know it’s a tradition, but they’re pretty regular. I guess we are all that way to a point. We just do what we do. Here’s something to think on. Let’s do something special today. Partner with me and help me build the beautiful people around here a medical facility we can all be proud of. Nothing like it in Central America. Word is that this will be the model mission clinic. I…

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