The Tiniest of Visitors 

Panama Medical and Dental Mission

I could swear the jungle floor was moving in the distance. It was. And that movement was coming our way. Warrior Ants. They bite like a fire ant and swarm their prey and devour it in seconds. Even scorpions were fleeing their march, and we watched the ground and the cabin walls blacken with millions of ants. The entire cabin inside and out was a black, moving wave of ants, all working as a team to clean the jungle floor and any other thing in their path. They all work together and they cover every nook and cranny. And then they were gone. The ants taught me that together, even the tiniest creature can accomplish so much. These next few days as we all work together to build the clinic, get the word out, make some noise and cover all you know in your circles, and do this together, we…

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