Dos Años Pasado

Two years ago, after selling nearly everything we own, the five of us arrived in panama with a suitcase and a carry-on, took a taxi to a car lot, bought a truck and drove off into the interior. My wife had spent her summers in a jungle cabin in Agua Buena, and so we went.  

The next year was quite an adventure living off the grid, and building our new home. I developed an appreciation for some modern living, but overall there is not much appeal in that for me any longer. Having enough is enough. It was a great exercise selling off all the stuff, and narrowing your most prized possessions to a suitcase full. Now we live a clutter free life, grow most of our food, and my blood pressure is 30 points lower and un-medicated. What is it we really want? How long can we go on buying a world of stuff, and destroying the beauty all at the same time?  Stepping out for a bit has changed my perspective. Life is enjoyable, less stress, and sustainable. I love this place!   

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