Homegrown Rice

This is one of the most fantastic things about living in Panama. Hand cultivated rice is all around the Los Santos Province and our neighborhood. 

 And in my opinion Panama has some of the most excellent rice anywhere.  

 Here is a commercial rice field.  

 And here is some hand cut rice from my neighbors back yard. They will store it like this through the year, and take only what they need for the month to the piladora to remove the husk. It stores very nicely this way. Just keep it dry. I love this place!


9 thoughts on “Homegrown Rice

  1. Lots of rice in Cajun country, Louisiana. I worked all over there running small crew boats for the oil industry. What’s interesting about the rice fields is that after the harvest (they don’t get two crops of rice a year) they flood the fields and stock them with crawfish (mudbugs). The crawfish eat the chafe and whatever rice fell during harvesting so the farmers don’t spend any money on feed. When it’s time to plant rice again they drain the fields, harvest the crawfish and market them.

    Not all the fields are flooded, though. A lot are just harvested and left fallow. Then the Canadian geese come down. Louisiana is the end of the Mississippi Flyway. During the winter around Eunice, Crowley and places like that there are hundreds and hundreds of thousand geese feeding in the fields as far as the eye can see.


  2. that’s amazing. I have never seen rice like that. I knew about the Paddy Fields but not sure what they were picking. What it looked like. Fascinating. Interesting how they store it as well
    So question… do you then chop it small or is it like a little grain when you open the stalks


    • The rice actually grows in a cluster on top of the stalk. We cut it and store it in bundles. Some folks have them hanging in the house. It’s beautiful. When your ready to eat it they pound the husk off and fan away the skin. It’s gets pretty dusty. Then it’s ready to rinse and cook. Fresh out of the husk is super food. If I eat too much I get carb sweats. Funny.


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