Fiesta Agua Buena

The son of our neighbor is an acordionista that plays around Panama, and in Panama you need not have much of a reason to party.  

 Here I am with Pacifico Dominguez, and I try my hand at the acordion. I can play almost anything, and it was fun to test it out for a bit.  

 Asa loved it too.  

 They seemed surprised I could keep up on the drums. Part of my old life in the band.   

 And this little show was at the entrance to the party. Good old fashioned Panama. I love this place!  Ojer, the guy seated is playing my tambor. 


6 thoughts on “Fiesta Agua Buena

    • Not too much it was a long time ago. We played around in Washington state a couple years. I played drums but also a variety of other stuff. I dabble in several instruments now but mostly guitar. Started making my own flutes here recently but not ready for the showboat. Glad to see you here again

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