Panama Private Reserve

Panama has so much to offer and then you find even a little extra. A childhood friend of my wife has a 70 hectare private nature preserve and it is the bomb! If you ever want something really special, check this out. Cerro Hoya Panama is worth a look and a grand adventure.  



The tale of two seasons

Panama has two seasons. Winter and Summer. It’s always 90 degrees Fahrenheit, but from the middle of may to the middle of December it is tropically rainy. It is green and growing, and rains enough to grow rice in the mountains. And one day the rain stops. And not another drop for 6 months. It turns very dry and resembles late summer in the mountain west plains.  

 It’s a grand feeling when the rains return, and equally as welcome when they go away again.  

 What’s really remarkable is the wild fruit, the mango, marañon,guava, and more start to bear fruit at the end of the dry season. Very hardy trees. I love this place!

Panama Bambú

I have enough bamboo to build a castle, but I think we’ll start with some furniture pieces.  

 Ninin and Ojer came out this morning to help me stock up on wood. Really great friends and lots of free wood. And beautiful! 

 After cutting 10 pieces by hand, Ojer showed up with the moto cierra and we knocked it out in a couple hours. I love this place! 

 I definitely have work to do!

Panama Tambor (Drum)

Seems like everyone in rural Panama has an artisan skill, and I am on my way to being one of them. Ojer is teaching me the art of drum making. These things are so cool and have great sound.   

 Wood from a local tree, leathern top from a local cow!  Beautiful!  

And now there are two. I love this place! 


Homegrown Rice

This is one of the most fantastic things about living in Panama. Hand cultivated rice is all around the Los Santos Province and our neighborhood. 

 And in my opinion Panama has some of the most excellent rice anywhere.  

 Here is a commercial rice field.  

 And here is some hand cut rice from my neighbors back yard. They will store it like this through the year, and take only what they need for the month to the piladora to remove the husk. It stores very nicely this way. Just keep it dry. I love this place!

Cocodrilos y Monos

What a wildlife day today. 10 monkeys today on the bridge on the way home.  

Then got home to this guy in a standoff with the cat 

 My neighbor Carmelo roped him and dragged him back to the swamp. Always love seeing critters, but this was a little too close.