Panama Flowers

Hibiscus is the national flower.  

More hibiscus  




10 thoughts on “Panama Flowers

    • Traditional veggies are hard to grow here. For now we planted hibiscus, lemon grass, platanos, bananas, mango, papaya, guava, avacado, mariñon, and more. All in all 50 fruits and edible flowers and grasses. Something is ripe year round

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      • We just finished a permaculture design course, and I’ve read Mollison’s Designer’s Manual. That was my first exposure to tropical biome. It did make me think that the grass is a little greener on your side of the fence, to be able to pick fruit all year! My heart is set on growing our vegetables without tilling the soil, and a few people here are doing it successfully.


      • I’ve just found the writing of Marc Bonfils in France, who is growing wheat without tlling. I’m excited to try it, but we’ve missed planting season for this year. Next spring!


      • It doesn’t look like Bill will make it to our area. We 300 mi from coast. We do have local rivers that have just subsided from flood stage and now are flooding again, but our property is safe on higher ground. Thanks for asking!


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