The Best Parts of Panamá

Most of you know I could go on and on about this place, and so far I have not been at all disappointed in my adventure here. Some things stand out better than others, while the everyday surprises just keep coming.  


Ground and pound rodeo? Most of the hard work is done with men tackling cows to do the branding and vaccinations. No fear! None. It is all so entertaining to watch and help. Grab a cow by the tail and bring it down! Pretty cool.  Of course just about everyone rides and ropes well too. 


Flowers year round. I like that too.  

 The junta is a grand tradition here. Everyone is helping someone everyday. Building a house, planting or harvesting, or maybe branding cattle?  The neighborhood will help all day for a bowl of soup and some seco. Friendly, friendly people.  

Abundant wildlife and birds. Over 950 species in panama. Bird watcher paradise. Monkeys and panthers and iguanas. It’s all here, everyday. Also world class fishing and surfing.  

This is a sombrero my neighbor made, on top of my drum the other neighbor made. Handmade and homemade in all varieties. I like that too.  

 In the end, there is so much more to say, but the people have been the best surprise of all. So kind and genuine. Even Asa’s original coconut Bob as pictured above is a great guy. I could go on. But I won’t for today. I love this place! 


2 thoughts on “The Best Parts of Panamá

  1. You’ve done very well jim. You’ve found a place where you can actually LIVE for the the rest of your days. My best wishes for you and yours.


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